• Top and bottom loading capabilitiesweb-slitter
  • Exposed/unexposed slitting
  • In-line leveling
  • Triple arbor system with one head running and two additional heads behind the first

One 84” Slitter Unit:

  • Top side inspection capabilities
  • Three arbor set up
  • Continuous gamma ray for accurate gauging with corresponding report for every coil
  • Feed forward capabilities

Slitter Line Specifications

The specifications for RSDC’s slitter line are described below.

Material Type: Electrogalvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanneal, Cold Rolled (class 1 & 2), Aluminum
Material Gauge: 0.55mm (0.03”) min to 3.42mm (0.14”) max
Coil Weight: 40.8 metric tons (90,000 lbs.)
Coil Width: 1066.8mm (42”) min to 2133.6mm (84”) max [Coil width down to 12″ min loop mode & 20″ min on pull through]
Entry/Exit Coil ID: 501.65mm (19.75”) min and 603.25mm (23.75”) max
Entry/Exit Coil OD: 914.4mm (36″) and 2133.6mm (84″) [812.8mm (32″) with special handling]
Slitting Exit Width: 152.4mm (6”) min to 2120.9mm (83.5”) max
Slitting Tolerances: +/- 0.13mm (0.005”) for gauges 0.26mm – 2.31mm and widths up to 2133mm; +/- 0.26mm (0.01”) for gauges 2.31mm – 3.43mm and widths up to 2133mm

*Min/Max coil ID 20″- 24″ and Min/Max coil OD 36″- 84″
*Coils 12″ or less require eye to sky pack – unless bundled two or more