Offline Washer

RSDC exclusively features an advanced Atlas offline washing line. This multipurpose re-inspection/sorting line supports both exposed and unexposed processing. Furthermore, this line can process all blanks that are produced with any RSDC production line, including either straight or configured blanks.

The advantages RSDC’s offline washing line provides to our customers include:

  • Dual inspection capabilities to ensure 100% top and bottom inspection prior to washing
  • Material is re-inspected prior to washing to eliminate defects
  • Automated stacking to meet customers’ exact requirements
  • Online packaging capabilities to ensure material is ready to ship off the line

The advanced capabilities of RSDC’s offline washing line include:

  • Exclusive, industry-leading Atlas equipment
  • Multipurpose line supports inspection, sorting and washing
  • High pressure hot water washer
  • Dual-side electrostatic oiling of various oil types
  • Automated stacking onto single piler
  • Reclamation and salvage support

Offline Washer Specifications

The specifications for RSDC’s offline washing line are described below.

Material Type: Electrogalvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanneal, Cold Rolled (class 1 & 2), and Aluminum.
Material Gauge: 0.5mm (0.020”) min to 2.3mm (0.090”) max
Coil Weight: 13.6 metric tons (30,000 lbs.)
Sheet Width: 457mm (18”) min to 2134mm (84”) max
Sheet Length: 609mm (24”) min to 3692mm (145”) max
Electrostatic Oiling: 25 – 300 mg/sq. ft.